Warm World Highlights

Hayride and Petting Zoo Field Trip

A mid-October visit to Country Sun Farms was the highlight of the week for many Warm World children!  A hayride, a petting farm and a trolley ride to and from school!!

Farm country sun field trip children playing caring teacher Megan
Tiger & Lamb Fall 2022 Soccer Shots

The Tigers and Lambs are learning to play Soccer with help from the wonderful Coach Michellle!  Check out these action shots of "Listen to Coach", "Dribbling, "Control", and "Confidence"! 

Soccer Shots Listen to Coach Tiger Classroom October 2022
Bunnies Fall 2022 Soccer Shots

The Bunnies are being active with soccer!!!  Coach Michelle is teaching the Bunnies to move at various speeds using analogies to a train. Chugga, chugga, choo-choo!

Soccer Development Program for Toddlers Soccer Shots Active Children
2020-21 Class Pictures
Bunny Nature Walk
June Tigers
June Caterpillars
June Lambs
June Rabbits
October Bunny Fun!
October Rabits
Tigers Making Snow
Tigers Busy Building
Lambs in the Snow
Bunnies in the Snow
Happy Valentine’s Day
October Library Time
Puppets & Storytelling!
Bunny Room Water Fun
Lamb Room Egg Hunt
Learn about Recycling
"STEAM" Activites
Caterpillar Room Fun!
March Came in like a Lion...
That's my name!
Bubble wrap? Yeah!
Lamb Room Fun!
Let's Paint!
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